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Friday, July 29, 2005

K9Cast #11

Advice for living in an apartment with a dog and tips to prevent unwanted dog barking while you aren't home. We also share another listener story, this time sent in as an audio comment! We've also joined the Associate program, so a small percentage from purchases you make on Amazon through clicking the links in the shownotes will go towards supporting the show!

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00:00 Intro
00:12 Advice for dogs and apartments
-Small doesn't necessarily mean good for apartments
-Some big dogs can good in apartments too
-Dogs behavior inside the apartment will be determined by how much training and outdoor exercise you give it.
-Before getting your dog make sure it is allowed
-Be courteous to your neighbors, barking and poop scooping
-Dogs friendly to other dogs and children are a strongly recommended because you are more likely to run into them in apartments
-Recommend keeping your dog on a leash at all times
06:44 Sue Sternberg's guide
07:11 Breeds that do well in apartments
-Examples: Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Corgi, Dachshund, Great Dane, Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Poodle, Papillon, Pomeranian, Pug, Silky Terrier, Shitzu, Wheaten Terrier (Mr. Sheep!)
14:21 Tips to prevent unwanted dog barking while you are out
20:43 Mark's story of his dog Fly
27:19 Outro
-Please keep sending in your dog stories and pictures!
-Spay or Neuter your dog

Another dog pic!

Keep sending in those dog pictures! Here's a picture of Cleo and Buffy on the beach at Wanda, Sydney, Australia sent in from listener Paul. Thanks Paul!

Cleo and Buffy

Meanwhile today's episode is almost finished, will upload it soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

K9Cast #10

The story of The Rainbow Bridge, our dog Kyler's story, a funny listener story and more await you in episode #10! We've turned 10 and we're going strong thanks to our listeners! Keep sending us emails, pictures, stories, comments, questions and suggestions. To commemorate our tenth show we've setup a Skype account, so give us a call or send us a message!

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Shownotes: (OPML)

00:00 Intro
00:13 The Rainbow Bridge
04:15 Kyler's Story
13:08 Kyler Laird
14:40 Jorge's Funny Story
15:57 Outro
16:06 Skype us!
16:26 Our tenth show! Thanks for supporting us!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Listener's dog pictures!

Here are some pictures some listeners have sent us of their dogs! Please send in pictures of YOUR dog via email because we'd love to see it! If you do not want us to post your dog's picture on the website or talk about it on the show, let us know. We are working hard to finish show #10 and should have it up late tomorrow night as usual :) Thanks for listening and stay subscribed to K9 Cast!




Friday, July 22, 2005

K9Cast #9

Tara talks about pit bulls and why we are against dog breed bans in a show inspired by a disturbing news story published today: a few weeks ago, two police cars and two animal control vehicles pulled up at the home of Stef’ny Steffan looking for her beloved 4-year-old dog, Xena. Seven officers hauled the animal off to the city shelter, putting her on death row. Since May, more than 380 dogs have been impounded and at least 260 destroyed — an average of more than three a day! What do these dogs have in common? They are all the subject of a dog breed ban on pit bulls! We also answer a listener question on dog training from Jorge :) - Direct link to the show.

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Disturbing News Story
03:00 Our argument against breed bans
-They are ineffective, if all pit bulls are taken away, problem/bans will just shift to a different breed
-Problem is not the breed, problem is irresponsible owners
-Solution: punish the owner's actions, not the dog's breed
07:26 The problem of Pit Bulls vs "Pit Bull Type Dogs"
-Dogs that simply look like a pit bull can be affected by breed bans
-See if YOU can identify the pitbull
12:15 Pit Bulls are a misunderstood breed
-Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown sounds like a blockhead
-UKC Pit Bull breed standard
-Pit Bull breed history
-Pit Bull attack statistics
20:55 Our personal experience with Pit Bulls
-Experience at dog shelters/Personal experience
-Famous pit bulls
--Petey from Little Rascals
--Stubby, the most decorated military service dog in US history
26:18 Listener Question, how to assure your dog does not become dependent on food for training.
29:29 Outro -Spay or neuter your dog, it's the best thing you can do for your furry friend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

K9Cast #8

Tara rants about irresponsible dog ownership, dogs living on chains, preventable reasons for taking dogs to shelters and irresponsible breeding. We also feature a sad but poignant listener story. Direct link to the episode. Shownotes:

00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro
00:15 (Chapter 2) Rant: Irresponsible dog ownership
04:00 Ownership vs Guardianship
05:30 (Chapter 3) Rant: Dogs living on chains outside
07:55 (Chapter 4) Rant: Preventable reasons to take dogs to shelters
12:40 (Chapter 5) Rant: Irresponsible breeding
18:30 (Chapter 6) Rant wrapup
20:00 (Chapter 7) Listener story from Chris Doelle
30:51 (Chapter 8) Outro/Keep sending in your stories and pictures
-Chris Doelle's dog Samson
-Chris Doelle's ladder climbing dog Lou
-Spay or Neuter your dog!


Almost done with today's episode! Look for it tonight!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

K9Cast #7

Yesterday Tara began teaching a new puppy class so of course she has lots to share with you about it. She also discusses socializing a new puppy and preventing and treating phobias in your dog. Direct download here! If you are subscribed to the iTunes enhanced podcast, you'll see pictures that Walter took from Tara's last graduating puppy class as well as a few contextual pictures of our dogs as well as other's he's photographed, hope you enjoy them!

Here's the notes!

00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro
00:12 (Chapter 2) Tara's Puppy Class
03:05 (Chapter 3) Bringing a puppy or new dog into your home
05:08 What dog socialization is and how to socialize your puppy
06:02 Using socialization as a training tool
08:48 Tips to help socialize your dog
12:46 Introducing your puppy to other dogs
19:38 Tips for older dog owners
22:37 (Chapter 4) Outro
-Send in your questions and dog stories!
-Spay or Neuter your dog!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

iTunes issues and Welcome Mommycast listeners!

Hello everyone, our latest episode is downloading like hotcakes :) Thanks for listening!!

We also would like to welcome everyone who is visiting us from the Mommycast podcast as Gretchen and Paige mentioned us on their latest show and linked us from their website! Give our show a listen by using our new K9Cast Podcast Player or subscribe to any of our podcast feeds, including our enhanced podcast feed, by using the links on the right :)

UPDATE: Apple fixed the problem they were having with their directory, so everything is working as normal now! We've left the discussion about the issue below, but crossed out, for posterity:

Currently Apple is experiencing technical difficulties for anyone trying to subscribe to certain podcasts through the iTunes podcast directory. Unfortunately ours is one of those podcasts, so this means that the iTunes "one click subscribe" link on our page is not working right now. So, for now, if you would like to subscribe to us using iTunes 4.9 please drag and drop this link: into iTunes. You can also use the "Advanced" menu in iTunes and then choose "subscribe to podcast" and copy and paste into the window that pops up.

Please contact us if you need any assistance subscribing to the show. Of course you can always simply click on the direct links to the individual shows like many of our listeners do but you'll miss out on the pictures, links and chapter markers that you get through the iTunes enhanced feed :) Thank you and see you all on Thursday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

K9Cast #6

Today we talk about why it's a good time to adopt a shelter dog, address several listener comments and questions as well as discuss a great online canine resource and also solicit listener dog stories! Download it here!

Here's the shownotes:

00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro
00:21 We got into the Top 100 at Podcast Alley! Thanks for voting!
00:52 (Chapter 2) Listener Comments/Questions
01:41 Question from re "choke collars"
03:53 Question from Mark and his flying puppy from Eblo the Weblog
05:50 Question from Jorge from China re "clicker training without a clicker..."
08:58 Suggestion from Anne from the Eat Feed podcast
09:48 Suggestion from Gretchen from the Mommycast podcast
10:16 Send in your stories about dogs, dog rescue success stories and funny dog stories!
10:42 Send in pictures of your dogs to be featured on the website!
11:25 (Chapter 3) Why it's a great time of the year to adopt a dog
12:39 Sue Sternberg's Guide to choosing your next dog from a shelter
-Guide is in Word format, here is a free Microsoft Word viewer for PC or a viewer for Mac.
17:30 (Chapter 4) Hampton Roads Pet Directory & Community resource
20:18 (Chapter 5) Spay or Neuter your dog / Outro

Sunday, July 10, 2005

New Show Tomorrow!

Dennis left us alone over here, wish he'd left everyone alone :(. We we're able to work on Monday's episode this weekend, so look for it in your podcatchers and check the website tomorrow night!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

K9Cast #5

A very important show on how to be prepared for your dog in case of disaster or emergency. Download it here!

Here are the shownotes:

00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro/Our hearts go out to the victims of today's terrorist attacks
00:50 Hurricane Dennis may delay the next show
01:46 (Chapter 2) Our doggie hurricane story
02:47 6 people, 5 dogs and a hallway
03:20 (Chapter 3) Disaster preparation for you and your dogs
03:57 Crate/Crate Training
06:43 Microchip your dog
07:36 Pet buddy system with a neighbor
08:31 Doggie Evacuation Kit/Disaster Prep Kit
09:55 (Chapter 4) The list

Food & Water for atleast 3 days. 2 weeks max.
-Make sure dry food is a waterproof container
-For canned food make sure you have a can opener
-One gallon of water per dog per day
Pictures of your dogs
Vet information
Current vaccination records
Emergency vet contact information for where you are going
Needed medications for you your dog
Extra Collar and extra ID tag
-Consider putting an alternate number on the tag
First aid kit
-Know how to use it
Plastic bags or pooperscooper for... you know
Your dog's bed, treats, toys- calming, soothing things
Last but not least, don't forget your dog!

19:13 (Chapter 5) Tips for evacuation
19:45 Plan on where your going to go AND have a backup plan
20:20 Places to bring your pet,
21:39 Keep your dog safe
22:37 Keep your dog calm, stick to the routine
23:09 How to handle your dog during the aftermath
24:48 Please send us comments/questions and additional items to add to the list if you have any
25:40 Remember to periodically check up on your kit
26:05 (Chapter 6) We got some listener feedback on the last episode!
26:35 Spay or Neuter your dog / Outro

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Recording a show tonight, ahead of Dennis

We'll be recording tonight with plans to stitch it all together tomorrow and post it. Right now we are in the error cone for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Dennis. However we are no stranger to hurricanes, as we had to deal with a few last year, but posting new shows this weekend may become difficult depending on how things go. In any case, stay subscribed because more shows are always on the way :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

K9Cast #4

This show is all about clicker training! Plus we also have tips for dogs that are spooked by loud noises, so download it here! Welcome new listeners and new listeners from iTunes! If you are an iPod listener or if you have iTunes on your computer and aren't already listening to us on our iTunes/iPod enhanced feed then you can simply click on this link to bring up our podcast in iTunes and then click "subscribe". Then you'll be able to enjoy our enhanced feed which includes embedded pictures and links that are displayed during the podcast in iTunes and on iPods as we talk about them. Here's what we talked about:
00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro
00:43 (Chapter 2) Help for dogs spooked by loud noises like fireworks or thunder
03:20 (Chapter 3) Clicker Training
03:25 Erik from's podcast and the podcast
05:31 Karen Pryor's book Don't Shoot The Dog
05:59 Pavlov
06:32 First step in clicker training, "charging the clicker"
07:04 Second step, "capturing behavior"
07:50 Also, the click ends the behavior
08:39 Connecting the clicker to the behavior
10:11 Cuing the dog
11:09 If you are interested in doing clicker training
12:04 Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs
13:14 "True clicker training"
13:33 Lure Reward Training
15:14 Compared to Karen Pryor's method
15:45 Sneezing on command
16:25 Karen Pryors Clicker Training Website
17:27 Our dogs go wild for the clicker
18:03 Where to get a clicker
18:15 Sound of the clicker
18:40 One thing to watch out for
19:24 (Chapter 4) Linking to us/Promo page
21:00 (Chapter 5) Outro

Monday, July 04, 2005

Finishing show #4

Almost done with show #4, it will be posted tonight!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Feedback galore!

Monday's show is still on schedule and in the meantime we've been busy answering all sorts of listener emails :). This morning we took laptops to a local coffee shop and ate breakfast and drank some great coffee while we went through all the email on the wireless internet access there. Starting our day with your emails was great! It's really wonderful to have so much feedback and we can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate it!

And a big thanks to everyone for voting for us on Podcast Alley!

There's still time between now and then send in questions for Tara so feel free to email us or leave us a voice message!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Vote for us at Podcast Alley!

The vote tallies just rolled over to zero for EVERYONE on Podcast Alley and now we have a fighting chance to be ranked in the top 10 for a while, atleast until everyone else catches up :). Please send in a vote for us! If you voted in June then you'll have to vote again for it to count towards our July ranking, so please do! While your at it, please vote for us at PodcastPickle as well :) Though PodcastPickle's votes don't roll over each month :)

In show news, we just picked up a new microphone today to fix Walter's audio problems and it sounds great! The next show, due to be published on Sunday, will have the best audio quality yet, so stay subscribed!

Special thanks to everyone who has emailed and left comments! We love hearing from our listeners, so please keep it up!