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Thursday, June 30, 2005

K9Cast #3

We talk about what to do if you encounter a stray dog! Plus, we discuss a great online doggie resource, and answer a listener question on doggie earplus! Download it here! If you are already subscribed to this show and you are using the new iTunes with podcasting support then you might want to update your subscription to the our new iTunes enhanced feed that adds pictures, clickable links and chapter markings for you to use and enjoy while listening to our podcast! Use the feed linked with the iTunes link on the right to subscribe or find us in the iTunes Podcast directory and subscribe there!

Here's what we talked about this time:

00:00/iTunes Chapter 1-Intro
00:12/iTunes Chapter 2-How to help a stray dog
00:49 Prepare yourself - Martingale collars
03:28 Your safety
04:42 "Baby talk"
05:59 Dog body language
07:33 Approaching
09:01 What to do next
09:55 Microchips
11:29 No microchip, animal services
13:47 Adopting the dog yourself
14:43 What happens if you cannot approach the animal
15:58 Following up on the Dog with animal control
16:36 Send us your stray dog rescue stories
16:49 Humane Society Guide
17:40 Don't overwater/overfeed strays
20:11/iTunes Chapter
23:00/iTunes Chapter 4-Listener questions from Mark and his flying puppy on Eblo the Weblog
24:48 Foam earplugs with cord
25:38 Horse earplugs - "Easy to use and comfortable while still offering complete silence for your horse."
28:22/iTunes Chapter 5-K9Cast Podcast Chapters
29:39/iTunes Chapter 6-Outro
We had alot of fun time making this one and we really like how the new iTunes enhancements help underline what we discuss during the show. Thanks for listening! Stay subscribed!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fixed the audio on show #2

Sorry about that folks, Walter's audio levels were off during that show and we didn't even know it! However we just went through and adjusted the levels for that show so now you'll be able to hear what Walter is saying! We reuploaded the file but don't want to link to it again because podcatching programs will think its a whole new episode, so if you want to hear it again please scroll down to the show #2 post and download the show :)

We've also added "album art" to both shows as well for all you color iPod owners or iTunes podcast listeners. Soon we'll be using the newly released iTunes podcasting chapter tool software to add chapters to our podcasts along with any relevant artwork for each chapter so you'll be able to see pictures of what we are talking about while you listen. It's pretty exciting stuff! To turn this feature on in iTunes choose the "edit menu" and then select "show artwork" and enjoy!

Thanks for your patience with the audio problems and thanks for listening!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We are bringing you more!

Even as I type this, the gears are turning to bring you another K9Cast episode on Thursday! On a side note, we've submitted our podcast to the new Apple iTunes podcast directory. It hasn't been posted there yet, but we figured that you all might like to have a sneak peek at our official iTunes podcast icon graphic. Check it out here, hope you like it!

Monday, June 27, 2005

K9Cast #2

Today we share with you the story of a dog we just rescued, Mr. Sheep! Download it here! We ended up talking so much about the stray dog we rescued that we didn't get to discuss the system for rescuing strays or a few other items we had planned on getting to so listen for them in the next show which should be out Thursday!

Here is what we talked about in this episode:

00:00 Intro
00:15 The story of "Mr. Sheep" the stray we rescued last week - Here he is just after we rescued him
01:36 How Mr. Sheep got his name
03:24 Checking for a microchip
04:15 Bringing Mr. Sheep home
05:55 Animal Services - Mr. Sheep's Animal Services web page
10:03 Rescuing Mr. Sheep again!
12:28 The beginning of a happy ending for Mr. Sheep - The rescue that is taking Mr. Sheep
13:33 Animal Services does a good job
14:30 Fostering for a Rescue
15:33 What we'll talk about next time
16:09 Spay or neuter your dog
16:18 Outro
-, the site we mentioned in this podcast.
Please leave some voicemails, emails or comments for Tara to address on the next show and thanks for listening!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Almost there!

Hopefully we'll have it all finished by tomorrow and posted for you guys in time to fit a regular schedule of new shows posted on Monday and Thursday. Thats right, REGULAR :). But like all podcasts we might miss a show if time does not allow. If that happens we'll do our best to at least post about it so you'll know to expect a new show soon. But for now, stay tuned because in the next show we're talking about, amongst other things, a stray dog that we rescued as well as a system we're developing for the best way to deal with strays.

Oh, and hi Emily!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Thanks for listening!!!

Our first day with barely a scrap of promotion and we've already had a dozen listeners "tune in" from places as far away as Japan! We're so excited by the feedback that we have received that we are going to record another podcast tonight! Whether we can also publish it tonight remains to be seen, but stay tuned!

Rate our podcast at! We've submitted our podcast to podcastalley and a few other directories but the 'cast is so new it hasn't been added yet by the site admins. We'll let you know when it goes up there so you can vote for it there too :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

K9Cast #1

Tara's story on how she became a dog trainer, plus information on dog training that YOU can use! Download the show here or subscribe to the podcast by using the links on the right.

Here's what we talked about:

00:00 Intro
00:42 Doggie obsession/How it all started
02:37 Our dog Toby
03:33 Our dog Kyler
04:30 Tara's philosophy on choosing a dog
05:07 Volunteering at a shelter
06:10 How Tara got into dog training
08:04 Looking for our first dog training class for Toby
09:07 Kyler training
10:04 What training is
11:20 Looking into training for your dog
12:54 Training DVDs (Here's a highly rated one but we haven't watched it before and therefore do not necessarily endorse it's methods)
13:38 Training class advantage
14:32 Tara teaches champions
15:05 The training class is actually NOT where you do training
16:05 Dog training amidst distractions and for socialization
16:50 Send us your dog related questions!
17:54 Spay or neuter your dog
18:06 Outro
Please leave some voicemails, emails or comments for Tara to address on the next show and thanks for listening!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Voicemail line: 206-338-DOGS

Our voicemail line is here! Call 206-338-DOGS (3647) to leave Tara comments or questions. You can also leave comments and questions right here on the website too! The first podcast is just around the corner, so get ready!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Almost here!

The K9Cast with Tara and Walter is almost here! Subscribe now and have the first episode delivered automatically!

Just recorded the base audio for the first show. Still need to trim the clip, add intro/outro, filters, reverb, etc, etc.

Hopefully will have something this week! After this it gets easier since I'll have a routine down for production purposes.