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Friday, November 24, 2006


2006 is almost out, but are we? That remains to be seen. We thought we were going to be getting back into the habit, but we recently had a baby(!) and it's changed everything for us! :)

Walter is still working on the house but several rooms have been finished and the office/studio is next! Once there is a computer with microphones in front us we're sure to record something... it's just a matter of when.

To that end we don't think it's fair to make it so you have to keep checking this page to see what's new- so we've setup a form (below) for you to fill out with simply your email address. We will only send you a single email when we post our first new podcast again, we won't share it with anyone and it will not be used for spam. This way you won't miss it :)

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Happy Holidays

Tara, Walter, Toby, Kyler and Baby