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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

K9Cast #4

This show is all about clicker training! Plus we also have tips for dogs that are spooked by loud noises, so download it here! Welcome new listeners and new listeners from iTunes! If you are an iPod listener or if you have iTunes on your computer and aren't already listening to us on our iTunes/iPod enhanced feed then you can simply click on this link to bring up our podcast in iTunes and then click "subscribe". Then you'll be able to enjoy our enhanced feed which includes embedded pictures and links that are displayed during the podcast in iTunes and on iPods as we talk about them. Here's what we talked about:
00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro
00:43 (Chapter 2) Help for dogs spooked by loud noises like fireworks or thunder
03:20 (Chapter 3) Clicker Training
03:25 Erik from's podcast and the podcast
05:31 Karen Pryor's book Don't Shoot The Dog
05:59 Pavlov
06:32 First step in clicker training, "charging the clicker"
07:04 Second step, "capturing behavior"
07:50 Also, the click ends the behavior
08:39 Connecting the clicker to the behavior
10:11 Cuing the dog
11:09 If you are interested in doing clicker training
12:04 Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs
13:14 "True clicker training"
13:33 Lure Reward Training
15:14 Compared to Karen Pryor's method
15:45 Sneezing on command
16:25 Karen Pryors Clicker Training Website
17:27 Our dogs go wild for the clicker
18:03 Where to get a clicker
18:15 Sound of the clicker
18:40 One thing to watch out for
19:24 (Chapter 4) Linking to us/Promo page
21:00 (Chapter 5) Outro


At 7/06/2005 01:42:58 PM, LOUP said...

I love the promo!!

Gonna get a link up on this week I swear! = )


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