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Thursday, July 07, 2005

K9Cast #5

A very important show on how to be prepared for your dog in case of disaster or emergency. Download it here!

Here are the shownotes:

00:00 (Chapter 1) Intro/Our hearts go out to the victims of today's terrorist attacks
00:50 Hurricane Dennis may delay the next show
01:46 (Chapter 2) Our doggie hurricane story
02:47 6 people, 5 dogs and a hallway
03:20 (Chapter 3) Disaster preparation for you and your dogs
03:57 Crate/Crate Training
06:43 Microchip your dog
07:36 Pet buddy system with a neighbor
08:31 Doggie Evacuation Kit/Disaster Prep Kit
09:55 (Chapter 4) The list

Food & Water for atleast 3 days. 2 weeks max.
-Make sure dry food is a waterproof container
-For canned food make sure you have a can opener
-One gallon of water per dog per day
Pictures of your dogs
Vet information
Current vaccination records
Emergency vet contact information for where you are going
Needed medications for you your dog
Extra Collar and extra ID tag
-Consider putting an alternate number on the tag
First aid kit
-Know how to use it
Plastic bags or pooperscooper for... you know
Your dog's bed, treats, toys- calming, soothing things
Last but not least, don't forget your dog!

19:13 (Chapter 5) Tips for evacuation
19:45 Plan on where your going to go AND have a backup plan
20:20 Places to bring your pet,
21:39 Keep your dog safe
22:37 Keep your dog calm, stick to the routine
23:09 How to handle your dog during the aftermath
24:48 Please send us comments/questions and additional items to add to the list if you have any
25:40 Remember to periodically check up on your kit
26:05 (Chapter 6) We got some listener feedback on the last episode!
26:35 Spay or Neuter your dog / Outro


At 7/08/2005 04:03:29 PM, Oblivion said...

Timely topic. Good info. Post 9/11, Bird Talk ran some good articles on the topic. I'll see how their lists compare to yours.

This reminds me I need to update our 'crash kit.'

Good luck with Dennis.


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