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Thursday, June 23, 2005

K9Cast #1

Tara's story on how she became a dog trainer, plus information on dog training that YOU can use! Download the show here or subscribe to the podcast by using the links on the right.

Here's what we talked about:

00:00 Intro
00:42 Doggie obsession/How it all started
02:37 Our dog Toby
03:33 Our dog Kyler
04:30 Tara's philosophy on choosing a dog
05:07 Volunteering at a shelter
06:10 How Tara got into dog training
08:04 Looking for our first dog training class for Toby
09:07 Kyler training
10:04 What training is
11:20 Looking into training for your dog
12:54 Training DVDs (Here's a highly rated one but we haven't watched it before and therefore do not necessarily endorse it's methods)
13:38 Training class advantage
14:32 Tara teaches champions
15:05 The training class is actually NOT where you do training
16:05 Dog training amidst distractions and for socialization
16:50 Send us your dog related questions!
17:54 Spay or neuter your dog
18:06 Outro
Please leave some voicemails, emails or comments for Tara to address on the next show and thanks for listening!


At 6/23/2005 02:16:59 AM, Walter said...

Yes, that IS our dogs at the top of the page! Toby on the left and Kyler on the right!

At 6/23/2005 04:20:21 PM, Walter said...

Oblivion from the Dawn and Drew forums just pointed out that our podcast feed was broken :( -- I just fixed it now thanks!!

The problem was that either Blogger or my ISP was at fault as I had made an edit to the code of the page and it was stalling during the file upload process, breaking my XML and therefore Feedburner's burned version of it that was linked here.

If the D&D message board/website wasn't borked right now I'd thank you over there but for now: Oblivion, you rule!


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