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Thursday, June 30, 2005

K9Cast #3

We talk about what to do if you encounter a stray dog! Plus, we discuss a great online doggie resource, and answer a listener question on doggie earplus! Download it here! If you are already subscribed to this show and you are using the new iTunes with podcasting support then you might want to update your subscription to the our new iTunes enhanced feed that adds pictures, clickable links and chapter markings for you to use and enjoy while listening to our podcast! Use the feed linked with the iTunes link on the right to subscribe or find us in the iTunes Podcast directory and subscribe there!

Here's what we talked about this time:

00:00/iTunes Chapter 1-Intro
00:12/iTunes Chapter 2-How to help a stray dog
00:49 Prepare yourself - Martingale collars
03:28 Your safety
04:42 "Baby talk"
05:59 Dog body language
07:33 Approaching
09:01 What to do next
09:55 Microchips
11:29 No microchip, animal services
13:47 Adopting the dog yourself
14:43 What happens if you cannot approach the animal
15:58 Following up on the Dog with animal control
16:36 Send us your stray dog rescue stories
16:49 Humane Society Guide
17:40 Don't overwater/overfeed strays
20:11/iTunes Chapter
23:00/iTunes Chapter 4-Listener questions from Mark and his flying puppy on Eblo the Weblog
24:48 Foam earplugs with cord
25:38 Horse earplugs - "Easy to use and comfortable while still offering complete silence for your horse."
28:22/iTunes Chapter 5-K9Cast Podcast Chapters
29:39/iTunes Chapter 6-Outro
We had alot of fun time making this one and we really like how the new iTunes enhancements help underline what we discuss during the show. Thanks for listening! Stay subscribed!


At 6/30/2005 09:01:19 PM, LOUP said...

Great show guys!! A lot of useful information for those who have been around animals forever and those who are new to critters. Good Job!!

At 6/30/2005 10:09:33 PM, Tara said...

Thank you so much for the positive feedback and for listening! We're glad you enjoyed the show. :)
P.S. - if you are the same loup who left us the comment and rating on, big thanks for that as well!

At 7/08/2005 10:47:33 AM, said...

Why don't you use a harness (Something like At least you're not using "choke" collars.
Other than that, I like your show.


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