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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fixed the audio on show #2

Sorry about that folks, Walter's audio levels were off during that show and we didn't even know it! However we just went through and adjusted the levels for that show so now you'll be able to hear what Walter is saying! We reuploaded the file but don't want to link to it again because podcatching programs will think its a whole new episode, so if you want to hear it again please scroll down to the show #2 post and download the show :)

We've also added "album art" to both shows as well for all you color iPod owners or iTunes podcast listeners. Soon we'll be using the newly released iTunes podcasting chapter tool software to add chapters to our podcasts along with any relevant artwork for each chapter so you'll be able to see pictures of what we are talking about while you listen. It's pretty exciting stuff! To turn this feature on in iTunes choose the "edit menu" and then select "show artwork" and enjoy!

Thanks for your patience with the audio problems and thanks for listening!


At 6/29/2005 11:04:16 PM, Walter said...

Argh, of course I failed and accidentally encoded it at 16khz! Sounds pretty nasty. But its listenable. After I get the third show finished and posted tonight I'll go back and reencode the 2nd show, as well as add the new iTunes tech to the 1st podcast too.


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