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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Almost been 2 years

Ok, it's almost been 2 years and STILL no new K9Casts or solid answers as to when we'll be back. The reason why is because The K9Cast is something we're just not willing to let go, we LOVE it - but we don't yet have the time or energy to make it happen due to our new life since we moved. Our baby is almost 2 years old and another is on the way. Believe it or not we still hear from our listeners who want to know if and when we're going to come back. Well, the plan for The K9Cast now is that when the kids are old enough to help we will get back into I hate to say it but, the answer is it could be years at this point.

That said, don't be a stranger! We love hearing from listeners and value the time you've invested in us! We've fixed it so that all our episodes are now available again to download from our own server (they were down due to podshow/mevio switching servers) and we're going to leave this website and podcasts up indefinitely for you to review and listen to whenever you want-- and for new listeners most of the episodes are as relevant today as when we first recorded them. So we hope that can continue to be a resource for dog owners for years to come, even in it's "static" state.

So thank you so much for sticking with us all these years- the email address still works and we read all the mail that comes in. Hope your 2008 Holiday Season is a wonderful one and we'll see you next time- and remember, if you haven't already, please remember to spay or neuter your dog, it's the best thing you can do for your furry friend!

PS-We're still keeping the email list going- so be sure to add your email to the form below, and as we said before, we will only send a single email if we ever post a new podcast and we will not share your email address with anyone or use it for spam.

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