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Saturday, December 03, 2005

K9Cast #40

Table scraps for your dog, listener email on amusing a puppy and we have a new sponsor, the HomeAgain ID Microchip!

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Shownotes (OPML):

00:00 Intro
00:33 New Sponsor Announcement: HomeAgain ID Microchip
05:50 Doggy nutrition and table scraps
-ASPCA site
14:48 Amusing a puppy
16:58 Outro
-Ginny and Tucker
-Q, Trinity, Roxie and Indy
-Our Sponsor: HomeAgain ID Microchip


At 12/04/2005 01:45:45 PM, roadmr said...

Congrats on the new sponsor, I looked at their product and it looks pretty interesting. Keep it up!

At 12/05/2005 07:51:03 PM, Anonymous said...

I guess my dog Otter isn't too smart as she hasn't caught on to the laser pointer. Despite her advanced age (13) she still acts like a puppy when we pull it out and continues to look for the red light when we turn it off. It's so cute to see her ears perk up and tail wag but we try not to use it too much (she's a Daschund and has had two back surgeries).


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