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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane rescue dogs

Just received a WONDERFUL yet poignant email from listener Paul in Texas who has taken the opportunity to foster two dogs rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Paul also shared this link for people in the Dallas area who want to help. Please consider joining Paul in fostering hurricane rescue dogs!
Today I went to foster training for Dallas's SPCA. I decided to put my puppy search on hold and volunteer to keep a hurricane dog (or two) for an expected 30-60 days. The dogs I'll be assigned have an owner, but he isn't for some reason able to care for their dogs right now.

This email talks of the adoption and foster activities happening locally.

Since there is such a need for foster homes, I should have my assignment by Monday.

For various reasons, the owners won't be permitted to see or visit with the dog. (And there were good reasons for this. One of the best was that the dog's don't need to be put through loosing their owners more than once.) So what was suggested to me was to keep a diary with pictures showing all the fun things their pet did and learned while in foster care.

Thank you Paul!


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